Welcome to our journey.


We are digital nomads & full-time wanderers, determined to see the world's most beautiful places. 

We no longer dream it. We plan it.

Hello, we're Chelsea, Matt & Kai. A year ago, we decided we weren't ready to settle down. So what did we do instead? We created our own version of happiness by ditching the 9-5 commute and forging our own path.

Now, we live and work on the road. With remote jobs, we have flexibility to travel full-time. And with all our possessions in our packs, we only have room to collect experiences, not things.

Our goal is to inspire others, especially families, to break away from the predictable and truly live. If you're part of the new wave of nomads, slow travelers or weekend warriors, then this blog is for you. If this life is what you're after, follow us, ask us questions, and revel in our wanderlust as we take on the world with a toddler in tow. 


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